How we review the best cctv security cameras

Buying the best CCTV Security Cameras for your needs is important.

Therefore, we want to be 100% transparent about how we test and review and which methods we used to select the best cctv for 2022.

We use 5 different factors to create an overall score and decide on which CCTV Security Cameras makes it into our top 10 list. All of these 5 factors play a role, but not all are equally important.

Therefore, the weight on the end result varies according to the factors we tested.

Here are the 5 main factors, and their relative weight in our testing process:

1. Clear Vision: Most important, with a weight of 40%, is the quality of cctv footage.

2. Two way audio: having a two way conversion is the most essential feature for a cctv.

3. Additional features and device compatibility: This includes features like color night vision, fully wifi, 4k video, motion detector etc. We gave this factor a weight of 20% in our overall score.

4. Value for money: Mostly, as with everything in life, you get what you pay for. Most CCTV Security Cameras is priced similarly so we gave this factor a weight of 10%.

5. User reviews: While important, these can often be misleading as we all handle and understand technology differently. We gave this a weight of 10% on our overall score.

We took the information about durability and performance & product specifications from for CCTV Security Cameras.

To decide on a score for additional features, device compatibility and value for money we analysed the offers of all the different CCTV Security Cameras providers that we tested. We earn from affiliate links. We don't endorse or advertise any product mentioned.