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Rand McNally TND 1050

Summary: 10-inch GPS Truck Navigator, Easy-to-Read Display, Custom Truck Routing, Rand Navigation, and Removable Guard, Black

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Superior Navigation: New, upgraded Rand Navigation with 33% more truck-specific road data than other GPS providers

Large Format: Huge, high-definition 10-inch screen with enhanced mapping and graphics for ease of use

Professional-Grade Strength: Includes a removable tablet guard, a heavy-duty Gorilla Glass screen, and three strong mounting options

Enhanced Trucker Tools: Such as an upgraded camera for driver and vehicle inspection reports and receipt tracking

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An Android tablet and GPS device in one, TND Tablet 1050 was built for professional drivers. With features like an easy-to-read 10-inch screen, rugged accessories, and best-in-class truck navigation, it’s easy to see why TND Tablet 1050 is smashing the competition.

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Rand McNally User Reviews
  • " the product is 80% good the only thing about the map is that it is not accurate with the time of arrival at the destination or with the traffic "
  • "It’s pretty big even for a semi will take a good bit of your windshield. "
  • "This GPS is almost a little too big for my liking but still is awesome. So far it’s very accurate and easy to use but still getting use to it coming from Dezel Garmin. "