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Garmin Approach G80

Summary: Garmin Approach G80

Arlo cctv


3.5 inch full color touch screen for smooth and intuitive operation and semi-transparent LCD for outstanding visibility in direct sunlight.

It has a quick button for quick access to radar distance analysis, and a slim design for ease of use and portability.

Estimated distance by radar, head speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo measurement

It includes approximately 41,000 golf course data all over the world, and can be used to view course maps.

Equipped with practice modes to help improve skills.

Long operating time up to 15 hours in GPS mode

Arlo cctv

Includes approximately 41,000 golf courses worldwide.
・Preview of course maps (preview by detailed holes)
Full color course map display.
Yardage measurement (distance to front edge / center / back edge)
・Yardage measurement up to layup/dog leg.
・Measure the distance of the shot (measure the distance between points)
Large number mode (improved readability).
Digital scorecard (up to 4 people can score input). Handicap compatible Choose from stroke play, StableFord, Skins and Match Play)
Stats record (number of strokes, number of pads per round, number of green fairway hits).

Green view that allows you to manually adjust the position of the pin (improved accuracy).
Pin pointer (helps you determine where to aim with blind shots)
PlaysLike Distance (Supports high-level differences in information. Considering altitude changes, it shows the recommended distance to be hitted)
Touch targeting (touch the target on the display and display the distance to any location).
Points registration (register your target or places you want to know the distance for next course).
Automatic course maps updates (keep courses that are played most frequently updated)
Round timer/odometer

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Garmin Approach G80 User Reviews
  • " the product is 80% good the only thing about the map is that it is not accurate with the time of arrival at the destination or with the traffic "
  • "It’s pretty big even for a semi will take a good bit of your windshield. "
  • "This GPS is almost a little too big for my liking but still is awesome. So far it’s very accurate and easy to use but still getting use to it coming from Dezel Garmin. "